Student Resources

a group of medical students sitting on stairs

We are thrilled you have joined us here at The George Washington University, Department of PA Studies PA Program and are committed to assisting you as you progress through your studies.  Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or dropping by the program offices, if you have questions.

Program Policies and Procedures

The PA Program Policies and Procedures Handbook  is an excellent guide to navigating your experience as a student at GW. The Handbook is updated annually and as needed as when new policies arise. If changes are made mid-year, the new Handbook will be sent to all matriculating students by email and posted here.

As an interested applicant or new matriculating student, there are few policies about which you should be aware:

  • Students are not required to provide or solicit clinical sites or preceptors. 
  • Students are not required to work for the PA program and may not serve as instructors or staff members.
  • Students are not encouraged to work while in the program.
  • The program has only one location and all policies in the Handbook apply to all matriculating students.

Professional Development Resources

Matriculating in the GW PA Program begins your journey to becoming a graduate physician assistant. There are four organizations that are critical to our profession:

While these organizations differ by missions and constituency, each provides a vital service to our profession. During your GW education, you will become quite familiar with each organization and its roles.