PA/MPH Curriculum

Milkin Institute School of Public Health Building at night

The joint PA/MPH degree at GW was the first of its kind in the United States and began in 1986. Applicants with a strong interest in public health as well as clinical practice are encouraged to consider the joint PA/MPH program. This unique three-year program provides both clinical and academic preparation for careers in medicine and public health. Joint degree students receive advanced training in the design of health studies, epidemiological methods, health policy, implementation of health interventions, bioinformatics, community medicine, population health and/or health promotion. Students develop and implement a research or culminating project in collaboration with faculty of the Milken Institute School of Public Health and local, national, or international public health organizations.

Students who join the PA/MPH program spend most of the first year in the School of Public Health, in one of the degree tracks below. Students complete ANAT 6215 Anatomy course, Evidence-based Medicine for PA-MPH Students and Health, Justice and Society II with PA students during year one. For more information about the class schedules, please review each public health concentration. As a joint degree program, successful completion of both the PA and MPH degree requirements is required for graduation. 

The program offers advanced placement for the PA 6111, Evidence-Based Practice for PA/MPH Students (1-credit). Joint degree students must request a waiver for PA 6111. If approved by the Director of PA/MPH, the student may enroll in PUBH 6242, Clinical Epidemiology and Decision Analysis (2-credits). In order to meet program requirements, the student must successfully pass the PUBH 6242 course with a grade of B or better.

Public Health Degree Tracks

The joint PA/MPH program offers numerous tracks of study. Although many students choose the Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) track, there are five other options: Health Policy, Epidemiology, Environmental Health Science & Policy, Global Environmental Health, and Maternal and Child Health. Students must declare the degree track once accepted to the joint degree program.