PA/MPH Curriculum

Applicants with a strong interest in public health may want to consider the joint PA/MPH program. This unique three-year program provides both clinical and academic preparation for careers in medicine and public health. Students in this curriculum receive advanced training in the design of health studies, epidemiological methods, health policy, implementation of health interventions, application of computers to public health, community medicine, and techniques of health promotion. Students in this program also design a special research project in collaboration with faculty of the Milken Institute School of Public Health and local, national, or international public health organizations.

The joint PA/MPH program at GW allows you to choose from numerous tracks of study. Although many students choose the default tracks of Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC), the other five options are Health Policy, Epidemiology, Environmental Health Science & Policy, Global Environmental Health, and Maternal and Child Health.

PA/MPH Tracks
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Community Oriented Primary Care

COPC is designed for clinicians to apply public health in clinical settings. Graduates can utilize these skills clinically with any community, domestic or international.

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Health Policy

We are a free-standing Masters of Public Health Policy degree, the only in the country.

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This specialization prepares students for epidemiology research and evaluation in academic, governmental, private-sector, and community health care sites.

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Environmental Health Science & Policy (EHSP)

EHSP provides foundation in identifying solutions and clearly show the link between science and policy in public health within the developed world.

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Global Environmental Health

Students receive solid grounding in the relevant science and develop analytic skills to compare public policy options within the developing world.

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Maternal and Child Health - MPH

The Maternal and Child Health track will prepare you to holistically address the special needs of women and children by using methods from epidemiology, health education, health promotion, behavioral medicine and environmental science.