Terrence E. Barr Memorial Scholarship

Three photos of Terrence E. Barr

The Terrence E. Barr Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a qualified student enrolled in the George Washington University Physician Assistant Program and selected by the GW SMHS PA Faculty. 

Terrence E. Barr (1946-2003)

Terry Barr was a warm and sensitive man of broad interests and talents whose energy and enthusiasm left those around him breathless.

In 1966, he enlisted in the Navy and trained as a hospital corpsman.  Following graduation he was promptly dispatched to Vietnam where he was assigned to a Marine Corps Battalion.  In the field, working under the most disheartening conditions of war, Terry’s purpose manifested; he was meant to help people in need.  When he was discharged, he enrolled at the University of Florida as they were offering a new kind of diploma for a new kind of profession: Physician Assistant.  Being a PA was more than an occupation for Terry, or even a career; it was his calling.

A perfectionist in his work, he was nonetheless disarmingly humble, earnest, and friendly.  When colleagues and patients knocked at his door, they knew they would find honest counsel and hearty encouragement.  Terry was a problem-solver, a superb diagnostician and a ready shoulder. 

Terry shared the last nine years of his life with his partner, John Philip Colletta, an author and lecturer.  In memory of Terry, John established this scholarship to be awarded annually.  As he did in life, Terry continues to help others through the Terrence E. Barr Memorial Scholarship.

Past recipients of the Terrence E. Barr Memorial Scholarship:

2021:     Frances Adams

2020:     Luz Maria H. Kumpel

2019:     Emily Masad

2018:     Lisa Chuong

2017:     Dustin Burkman

2016:     Joel Wenger

2015:     Emily Arcand

2014:     Jennifer Tran

2007:     Jennifer Mohler

2006:     Jessica Eichelberger

2005:     Amy Olsen