For Veterans

Airplane hanging at Marine Corps Museum

Why should I consider the GW PA Program?

In 1965, Dr. Eugene Stead started the PA profession with a group of three US Navy hospital corpsmen

who returned home from combat. Here at GW, we value our Veteran and military students for their  contributions to the student body and the PA profession. Each year, over 1,000 Veterans enroll in graduate programs at GW, including the PA Program. Furthermore 20% of the core PA faculty are Veterans of several armed services branches with extensive combat experience. 

Pre-PA Admission Considerations

The Department of PA Studies offers an 1-year Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical/Pre-PA program for those with bachelor degrees who need to complete PA program pre-requisites. This program offers a linkage option to GW’s PA Program for select, qualified candidates.  Please note the program does not waive prerequisites for any reason including military service. Applicants must meet all program prerequisites to be considered for an interview and matriculation.

The Admissions Committee of the PA program has removed the previous Graduate Record Examination requirement, which was previously a barrier to acceptance. GWU accepts Joint Service Transcripts but the credits must be transferred to a U. S. college or university first, including credits transferred from the American Military University. When calculating and recording clinical hours on the CASPA application we request a reasonable estimate of hours spent providing medical care during your time in uniform. Time spent in initial training (Basic Training/Boot Camp, MOS training) and time on leave should not count toward your clinical hours estimate. 

Matriculating Veterans

Please visit the GW Veterans Resources Pages for more information about the Yellow Ribbon Program and how to claim tuition benefits. 

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