PA/MPH Financial Aid and Tuition

The Board of Trustees sets the tuition and fee rates each academic year. However, the tuition and fees outlined below for students beginning in 2021 (i.e. the Class of 2024) will be locked in and will not change during the student’s three year program of study.

Incoming Students: Class of 2024

Tuition and Fees for Three-Year Joint Degree Program (MSHS/MPH)


Tuition Fees Total
Summer 2021 $16,160 $45 $16,205
Fall 2021 $16,160 $45 $16,205
Spring 2022 $16,160 $45 $16,205
Summer 2022 $16,160 $45 $16,205
Fall 2022 $16,160 $45 $16,205
Spring 2023 $16,160 $45 $16,205
Summer 2023 $16,160 $36 $16,196
Fall 2023 $16,160 $45 $16,205
Spring 2024 $16,160 $45 $16,205

Program Credits Required

Time Period

1st Year Program Credits Required Depends on Public Health Track 37/38
2nd Year    
  Semester 1 (Summer)
Semester 2 (Fall)
Semester 3 (Spring)


Total - 2nd Year   60
3rd Year    
  Semester 1 (Summer)
Semester 2 (Fall)
Semester 3 (Spring)
Total - 3rd Year   44
PA/MPH Total - 3 Years   141/142


Student Financial Aid

The financial aid budget is determined by the Office of Student Financial Assistance in collaboration with the PA Program. The financial aid budget year begins in the fall semester and extends through the spring and summer semesters. Because the PA/MPH program begins in the summer semester, it will actually spread across four budget years (2021/22; 2022/23; 2023/24).

For more information regarding financial aid and to obtain financial aid forms, visit the Office of Student Financial Assistance. If you receive financial aid, please pay close attention to all instructions in the award letter. The Health Sciences Office of Student Services will provide you with specific information in late March.

The GW PA program is able to offer a limited number of merit based scholarships. These renewable scholarships require students to maintain a 3.0 GPA and range from $3,500 – $7,000 per semester.

In addition to university scholarships and grants, there are a number of other scholarships available through the Physician Assistant FoundationPA Veteran's Caucus, local state chapters of the AAPA and local and national philanthropic organizations.

The federally funded National Health Service Corps is a competitive scholarship program that also has generous loan repayment opportunities for health professionals who agree to serve in medically underserved primary care settings. If you are interested in programs such as these, we encourage you to research them to see if they may be applicable for you.

The Office of the Dean for Health Sciences Programs provides an additional point of contact for financial aid issues. Please contact the Health Sciences Office of Student Services at (202) 994-4241.